I stopped to take a break and searched “tasers” on Amazon Smile. I was supposed to be writing, but I often take breaks to follow tangential whims that usually lead to me mentally saying, “Huh” before moving on to the next thing.

I feel young to already live in my dream home. Most people have to wait and save and take mortgages for a couple decades, and yet, here I am, at 27. It turns out it is much less dramatic than all that if your dream home is a studio apartment.

A man just held the door open for me to a single person restaurant bathroom. The door opened inward, which meant standing side by side between the toilet and the overlarge trash can.

Writing a blog is different than writing a diary. A diary isn’t for an audience and is more of a processing tool. I’ve kept diaries on and off for many years, and re-reading them is one of the more painful experiences.