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Subway Romance

A young woman with wavy dark hair, a dramatic summer floral dress and a kind of no makeup cuteness is cuddling and nuzzling her tall white boyfriend. Her nose is big, but she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t care and her boyfriend is a traditionally attractive white guy with long thin fingers and a stylish amount of facial hair. They are really into it.

A black homeless man in a dirty hat holds a purple glittery gift bag at the back of the train. He starts to sing a song, maybe about cupid?

He sees them. I wonder if couples tend to give him more money because the man is trying to show off.

He pauses and the woman smiles and pokes the boyfriend with her elbow to pull out his wallet. It is old and worn dark brown leather. I can hear the change rattling in it, and he begins to dig through to find what he wants to give.

The homeless man jokes, “I’ll take that 20.”

The girlfriend reaches into the boyfriend’s wallet and plucks the 20 out, putting it in the homeless man’s bag with a warm smile. The homeless man quickly thanks them and moves on.

The boyfriend goes cold. He snaps at her that that was too much, and she says, maybe, that he needs it more than them. She gestures to the back of the homeless man. The boyfriend pouts, playing with the zipper of his black backpack that’s on his lap with his long fingers.

She nuzzles him and tries to re-seduce him, but he’s not having it. He snaps at her ones, looks exasperated, then gives her the silent treatment. She tries not to give into his tantrum. She pulls out her phone.

After two stops, she says, “You seem so mad about the change.”

They exit the train, but she walks fast, pushing ahead of him. She exits through the turnstile, and he goes through the emergency exit.

*Witnessed on my commute home at 9:45pm on the C train. I texted this post to myself as it was happening because I couldn’t stand to forget it for some reason.

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