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International Women's Day at the Cafe

Today I saw a man make a kissy face at someone I couldn’t see. Disgusting, I thought. and followed his gaze to two small dogs. I thought he was making the face at a woman and was being gross. Why do I always think the worst of people?

S got catcalled and followed by two separate men today. One she had to run away from. He kept telling her she had nice legs on the train car and making kissy faces. Then he told her that comment should get a smile. When she got off the train, she had to hustle to get distance between herself and him, but that meant exposing her back to him.

That’s why I always think the worst.

I also think it’s strange that we saw two separate men make kissy faces.

On Wednesday, I had a drunk man ask me to suck him off a block away from where I work, outside of Mt. Sinai hospital. He was singing it, which made it more threatening. Rather than stay on the corner with him, I jay walked and almost got hit be a big truck. It blew its horn at me. I should have crossed the other direction. I’m glad I didn’t get hit.

It puts you in a bad mood. S was upset. I can’t be really helpful in these situations.

Back at the café: To answer your question, yes, I will gladly watch someone steal your computer and inform you that it’s gone once you return from the bathroom.

I was very annoyed when it was too loud to eavesdrop on the couple arguing across the cafe. I only know they were fighting because a more respectfully loud man started yelling, “It’s women’s day!” as if the man shouldn’t be a dick to his girlfriend on women’s day. “F*ck” was the only word that would carry across the room to me. It has good carrying power.

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