India Choquette is a writer, a trainer, a teacher, a breakfast sandwich eater, a person in love with a person, and a FOrmer Vermonter living in New York City.

Leaving the Treehouse

Moving made me think about 4 things (mainly):

1. Can you deposit change? I have an overflowing piggy bank and almost one hundred dollars in quarters and nickles (and nickles are the hard ones to get). Do I just bring that into the bank in a bag? 

2. Will I ever read my magazine collection? No. The answer is no. But maybe I will read them on the train... 

3. Is it safe to recycle old checks after mobile deposit? That seems risky.  Better keep them forever.

4. Ten years from now, I know I will look back on this apartment and say something obnoxious like, "I don't know how I ever lived there!" But I hope I don't just remember how small and inconvenient and boatlike it is. I hope I remember that I covered my walls with my mom's and grandma's art, that I drafted my second novel sitting at the desk my stepdad built, that we celebrated S.'s birthday here with candles I stuck in mochi, that I packed my two suitcases for my month long trip to Bali on the floor, that I defrosted the fridge using a hairdryer, that S. and I danced in the tiny space in front of the front door, that I did push ups at an angle to fit my whole body in the room, that S. bumped her head on the lofted bed, that we made space to live here as a couple even though most people wound consider this place too small for a hostel room, that S. never made fun of the space and loved it instead, and that we wrote down our 2019 goal of moving into a new apartment at the fold out table, sipping white wine and eating cheese, celebrating the New Year and voicing our desire for continuous growth.

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