India Choquette is a writer, a trainer, a teacher, a breakfast sandwich eater, a person in love with a person, and a FOrmer Vermonter living in New York City.

10 Fun Facts and 10 Un-Fun Facts

  1. I have a cello in my shower.

  2. I wore an eyepatch as a child.

  3. I eat the whole apple. Including the core.

  4. I've always wanted to change my name.

  5. I always think I'm right.

  6. I keep track of how many times I ride the subway so I can see how low I can get my price per ride on my unlimited subway card.

  7. I liked rainbows before I was dating a woman. I have a unicorn tape dispenser that is years old.

  8. I cannot talk on the phone and sit at the same time. I must pace.

  9. I check the door at least five times to make sure it is locked before walking away from my apartment.

  10. My first real job was picking strawberries. I got paid by the quart.

  1. I haven't played my cello in over a decade.

  2. I don't see well out of my right eye, and I get scared when people come up behind me on that side. Late at night, I look over that shoulder a lot to make sure no one is following me in my blind spot. It has happened before.

  3. I never wash my produce even though I know I should.

  4. Being a white girl named India is colonization.

  5. I always think I'm right.

  6. Money equals independence. It scares me that so many women know so little about money. Working hard doesn't guarantee wealth, and I try to get every twenty-something I know to open a Roth IRA.

  7. People assume that you must have been hiding a secret your whole life when you enter a same sex relationship as an adult. I wasn't. I can only imagine the burden of hiding that identity. I never was hiding because I didn't know. I didn't know that this was the relationship I wanted until I was lucky enough to find it.

  8. I'm a writer who hates sitting.

  9. I feel overly responsible. I feel responsible for the security of my home. I feel responsible for the security of my body. I feel responsible for what people think of me. I feel responsible for the mental health of my friends, family, coworkers, and S. Any mistake proves I'm not worthy of this responsibility. So I check the door five times.

  10. Every person should pick fruit for a summer. Everything that seems easy is not. I would close my eyes at night and see strawberries.

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