The New Year: Searching for Beginnings / by India Choquette

When you are in my line of work, January means a lot. New year, new you—we see more people than ever. I have a particularly jaded friend who likes to remind everyone that time is a construct and that most people will fall off their new year’s resolutions by the time February rolls around.

I have many thoughts about abandoning resolutions and what we can do to help. But what I want to talk about is the spirit of these resolutions and why I think it is so powerful.

The human belief that we can reinvent yourselves and become something more is one of the more beautiful parts of human nature. The beginning of the year shows how we want to create new beginnings for ourselves, and that we have hope for a better and better life. For me, the most inspiring part of this belief is that it is completely true: our limits are smaller than we think. We can start something.

Searching for beginnings is profound in some way. I think we humans spend a lot of time imagining what will happen AFTER we accomplish something: after we make the money, lose the weight, find love, etc. But the new year highlights the excitement of beginnings. One of the most overused (and most true) ideas talked about in fitness is that “it is about the journey.” Meaning that the process is everything. We talk about lifestyle changes rather than diets, for example. But whether you are focused on the outcome or the journey, there is something to be said for that moment you decide to start something new and implement it. Enjoy this moment too.

Now that I’m standing at the top of 2018, I’m looking out at a year with what I hope holds many beginnings for myself, my clients, and my friends. Don’t be in a rush to get to the end of anything just year. The beginning is one of the best parts.