Ladies Who Lift: Not An Excuse To Shame Other Women / by India Choquette

One thing I've noticed since I've become part of the "strong" women community--meaning physically built--is that there's a strange amount of smack talk that goes on about "skinny sticks who do spin." It's upsetting to me because I think, generally, women who train hard are incredibly supportive and not threatened. We don't ascribe to society's beauty standards, and we enjoy moving. It's powerful. I know, for me, it has helped me shift from viewing my body as ornamental to an understanding of my own physical capabilities and strength. Many of us lift each other up, cheer each other on, and, although we might be competitive in training, we are truly supportive and lift each other up.

I was reading a really hateful post by someone I know--a lady lifter--that went on and on about the skinny women with collagen lips who go to cycling class and how she just wants to shove a hamburger down their throat. It was a disgusting and bitter post, which I actually wasn't that surprised about (given the person), but I was absolutely surprised how many of my peers liked it.

Pushing someone down never lifts you up. Never. When you are ashamed of yourself, you shame others. It is an insecure move. And, honestly, women get shamed enough. We have been taught to compete with each other, to be threatened by each other, that the existence of someone more beautiful will make us lose all we have. It's not true. It's total garbage. And it's total garbage to body shame anyone. If you want collagen, that's your choice. If you want to lift, that's your choice. If it's not hurting anyone, and it's something that makes you happy, you do not deserved to be shamed. 

I can't believe I have to write this, but humans are different. We have different bodies, we enjoy different things, and we ascribed to different values. If you find yourself making fun of someone who has made different choices, you need to examine yourself and see if you are suffering from shame or insecurity. It's not funny. It's weak.