Priorities / by India Choquette

It is more important to be kind than fit.

Sometimes it's more important to finish your work than get your workout in. Sometimes you have to put your family first, or your laundry. 

I notice that people, including myself, become obsessive about their fitness programming. Making time for  yourself is incredibly important, and I think doing something everyday for your body is really wonderful, but I see more and more people in the gym who prioritize their fitness above many other things on a consistent basis...and I don't think that's the point of being strong.

Here's an example: I got a text message from a friend who was miserable after some particularly rough work drama. I had planned to do a couple more short workouts to practice some of the skills I'm working on, but I knew that, if I did, my response to her crappy day would be limited to a sad emoji.  So I called her and didn't work on my toes to bars.

And that was, in my opinion, the right choice. If you're someone who enjoys fitness and has it as a habit, choosing to do something other than workout is not going to ruin your progress. We are not machines with the main purpose of completing physical tasks with precision We are not ornaments with the main purpose of being aesthetically pleasing. We are humans, which means that sometimes work, family, friends, rest, adventures, or any other of the trillions of experiences that a human can have are going to be more important than your workout at a given moment. Don't become obsessive. I once had someone I was dating tell me he couldn't get dinner because he had to go home and rest before a particularly intense workout he had planned for tomorrow. Don't be that person--he's alone. 

Remember that working out is about being the best version of yourself. And I hope that version allows you to look at different moments of life and choose what's really important. Sometimes fitting in your workout is going to be the right choice, but other times you need to call your friend. And that's doesn't make you lazy or weak--it makes you balanced and human.