Your Body is Not Like A Car / by India Choquette

We were made to move.

So we should.

And if we are lucky enough to be able to, even more reason to do it. 

I don't think fitness should be about conforming your body to a particular aesthetic. Your body is not an ornament. And I don't think it's a vehicle for your soul/mind/whatever. I think it is you. And you are your body. 

Fitness is so weird because we put on a special outfit and go to a special place and pick up a bunch of random objects only to put them down again. And we think about that as "fitness." But that's just training for life. We use our bodies everyday, all day. And somehow we think the one or two hours we devote to training is what defines our movement and body. It's not. Training is just preparing the body for the rest of life. Five hours of training per week does not define your body. It changes your body, but that's not the only time you are using it--it's only a tiny percentage.

I am constantly confused by the relationships people have with their bodies. We truly treat it as something separate-to be criticized and nitpicked or pumped up and beautified. We treat our bodies like cars, tuning them and polishing them or refusing to vacuum the crumbs out of the seat cracks. And I don't know how to properly communicate this, but I don't think the mind and body are separate. I think we are just one thing. 

And when we think of the body as something we have to maintain or upkeep, we objectify ourselves. Your body is part of your whole human self. Find joy in what you can do, find challenge in what you can't yet do, and choose to train with people and movements that inspire you to move and think and feel better. Don't think of training as washing your car or getting a tune up from a mechanic, think of it as allowing you to be a little more alive.