Laziness / by India Choquette

The vast majority of people who train aren't lazy.


People who pay a lot of money and take time out of their day (not to mention pack their gym clothes, carry extra deodorant, delay sleep/family time/etc) are not usually lazy people. Just sayin'.

But I notice that so many coaches and trainers treat people as if we are currently in the midst of a great laziness epidemic. But we actually aren't yelling at you because we think you are lazy. Or even that you aren't trying hard enough. We are yelling at you because we know that you DO NOT KNOW your own capacity. We don't live in a world where we are forced to push our body to the limits on a regular basis, and many people don't understand how amazing and powerful the human body is. When we yell (in my case, scream), we are hoping to give you a little extra push that causes you to surprise yourself. Every single person is capable of greatness. Not just in training, but in life. We are capable of starting a business, of fighting for our beliefs, of stating our minds, and of loving unconditionally. We don't avoid these things because we are lazy, we avoid them because we don't know we are capable of them. Or we are afraid of trying and then finding out that we are not. Either way, it is rooted in some kind of fear. It might be subconscious, but we stop ourselves from taking risks because we are afraid of failing, thereby proving that we are weak or dumb or ugly or whatever dangerous and toxic belief we harbor. We are hoping to break you out of that loop by using a minor and perhaps surprising training victory to provide some evidence that you can, if fact, successfully rise to the occasion. You can take the risk and jump onto a higher box or do three more pushups. We don't think you are lazy--we think you just need more evidence to prove you are strong.