Strength = Determination + Time / by India Choquette

Strength = Determination + Time

I thought I’d start simple. Simple things are usually the way to go. They aren’t necessarily easy (my favorite example: pushups—literally just a plank with mobile shoulders and elbows, but SO challenging), but simple clean movement and simple precise philosophy is how I try and guide my life and work. Fitness is this huge theoretical subject that is wrapped up in self worth (or lack thereof), past performance, injuries, feelings of inadequacy, ego, shame, and on and on and on. But if you want to be strong, all you have to do is work. Consistently. Over a period of time. Training is rewarding like that: if you do it, you will get stronger. But you have to do it. Which is where the determination comes in. Whenever you feel exhausted/unmotivated/stressed, I want you to come back to this equation.

That’s it. Simple.